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  • Our Company</ br>
    Our Company

    VEKO Ltd., in its current form represents the continuation of a company that initiated by the wood processing and furniture manufacturing.

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  • Our Philosophy
    Our Philosophy

    Superior quality, high technology, continuous evolution, professionalism and seriousness, respect for the Consumer and Environment are our philosophy and inspire the vision of the company as a leader now and in the future.

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  • Our Parquets
    Our Parquets

    VEKO is successfully present in the parquet market, by acting with flexibility in order to fit to the growing demands of the market and consumers’ needs, combining its expertise and long experience. While respecting the environment, VEKO created a new company named FLOORECO.

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  • Our Products
    Our Products

    VEKO produces and trades its products based on modern technology and the use of certified wood raw materials, mainly from Scandinavian countries. The company’s experience and its commitment to quality make VEKO' products to be distinguished for their high quality.

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  • Hard & Tropical Wood
    Hard & Tropical Wood

    VEKO cooperating with the biggest company in Europe, America, Asia and Africa imports and offers to the Albanian market a wide range of hardwoods and tropical woods, in different quality and dimensions in conformity with the needs of the market.

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  • Industrial Products
    Industrial Products

    Our long and successful experience in the marketing of wood industrial products, have formed the basis for selecting and promoting in domestic market the most prestigious companies operating in the European market, and not only, thus offering a wide range of high quality industrial products.

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  • Soft Wood
    Soft Wood

    In general softwood is easy to work: it forms the bulk of wood used by humans.

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  • Our Network
    Our Network

    VEKO makes its products available via a commercial network of sales offices in Albania. The company promotes its products via an extensive network of cooperating wood trade stores. Remaining stocks are absorbed directly by industrial clients.

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We belive in wood

  • Recycling Caring… Reusing... Recycling...
  • Parquets Parquets, Decks, Accessories.
  • Premium quality Premium quality of wood and wood products.
  • PREMISES We continue to be the best.


  • VEKO, art of woodworking
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VEKO, art of woodworking

Affection for wood and its art processing, for parquet
and household furnishings, make VEKO unique
and leader in the Albanian market...



Një ide ...
Një ëndërr ...
Një realitet i prekshëm ...
Një tjetër konceptim për dizajnin ...
Një ekspozitë mahnitëse me objekte të veçanta design-i dhe dekorimi, e cila do mundet te ju ndihmojë të shpreheni përmes elementeve që përfaqësojnë stile të ndryshme dekorimi dhe të shndërroni një ambient pa jetë në një skenë atraktive.

Të prirur drejt cilësisë dhe estetikës, udhëtojmë vazhdimisht në kërkim të produkteve të reja, duke zgjedhur dhe sjellë pranë jush objekte unike dekorative dhe mobiljet më të veçanta nga mbarë bota. Secili prej tyre mbart një histori të tijën, të cilën na e rrëfen përmes metarialeve, linjave, stilit dhe identitetit të tij.

Harmonia e dekorimit të një ambienti sigurohet nga uniteti që paraqesin elementet e tij përbërës. Kështu, kombinimi i stileve të ndryshme është më interesant, si në rastin e përzierjes së mobiljeve vintage me objekte moderne të design-it bashkëkohor. Për këtë arsye, provoni edhe ju të bëni kombinime origjinale sipas shijes tuaj. 

Në këtë mënyrë ambientet tuaja do fitojnë personalitet dhe dekorimi i tyre do të ketë firmën tuaj krijuese. çdo ide-krijim i juaji mund të marrë jetë përmes D.Concept, që premton të jetë pranë jush, për të gjithë ju dhe për secilin nga ju në veçanti!

March 2015


We are always looking for quality products, innovative and aesthetic, so we suggest you laminate floor. The advantages are obvious: elegant design, maximum resistance and high performance.



Wooden special works from VEKO

February 2015


EGGER company workshop for OSB article

March 2015


Akritas's Workshop in Tirana

February 2015

veko pellets
“BUILDING WITH WOOD” seminar, September 2011


In 29th of September, we were glad and proud to sponsor, organize and participate in the seminar “BUILDING WITH WOOD” which was introduced by the wood trade magazine EPIPLEON and the Austrian platform for wood promotion, proHoz Austria. The seminar was held in the Sheraton Hotel, in Tirana, and it had a big impact in the local market and community. The main speech of the seminar was about the modern wood products and technologies for construction and practical application of the interactive catalogue for timber construction. Also there was an excellent speech about the wooden roof trusses for family houses by Claudio Pichler, Egna’s technical expert as well as the great speech for the wooden structures in Albania by Herles Faccini. The seminar’s closing speeches were for the contemporary architecture in Europe by Alexander Williams and the awesome speech of Dr. Eleutheria Tsanika on the Restoration of wooden structures using modern technologies. Veko Ltd was an excellent example of a company that uses all the modern technologies in wood structures and timber products.

New company named FLOORECO
January 2010

New company named FLOORECO

Based in trading experience and especially in the increasing of the demand for all types of parquets, motivate the company to invest and expand the parquet line, creating a new company named "FLOORECO" which is going to be presented in the Albanian market with its showroom area of 550 m2 at the beginning of 2010. Flooreco is going to represent in the Albanian market some of the most world prestigious manufacture and trading companies of all types of parquets and accessories.

Nga e Para VEKO
October – December 2011
TV show "Nga e para"

Sponsors of the TV show "Nga e para"

From October 2011 to December 2011, Veko Ltd was one of the main sponsors of the TV show “Nga e para” by Anima pictures. "Nga e para" is a show that wants to educate and promote taste, aesthetic and modern way of life standards and, at the same time to provide an effective solution, social and humane for those families and individuals in need to. During this 4-day long house transformation, the architects and interior designers use materials that have the highest quality in market and will endure for a very long time. Veko Ltd has all this basic standards in its materials and products. Apart from that fact, participating in such a show comes up with our community voluntary profile and philosophy.

Pellets production

Qualified with EN ISO 9001

Veko is qualified with EN ISO 9001:2008 in accordance with AUSTRIA TUV certification procedures for the production of wood products, production of pellets, wholesale and retail sale of wood and wood products.

Metropolitan Expo
8-11 May 2014

Metropolitan Expo

VEKO will be present in MEDWOOD international exhibition, which will take place in ATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO, the largest exhibition center in Greece, 8 to 11 May 2014. VEKO, through strategic cooperation with Akritas company, presents its products in MEDWOOD, international exhibition for construction materials, wooden furniture materials, semi-finished wood products, wood’ tools and machinery. Mainly will be presented company products produced from Scandinavian wood, but also other products, aiming expand its exporting operations in markets of Balkan, Middle East and North Africa.

January 2009


Since the beginning of 2009 the company represents in the Albanian market the laminate parquets of EGGER company, Floorline series, etc...

veko pellets
June 2012 Production of pellets biofuel

Production of pellets biofuel

Environmental protection is a fixed part of how we do business. In order to help keep our environment pristine for later generations, we are putting great effort into environmental protection. For us, ecological balance is a great deal. We believe that by caring for your environment we make earth an everlasting home for our children for the future. We believe that responsible ecological behavior has long-term economic benefits. That's why from the begging of our operation, we have invested in organizing a full recycling program. We are proud to introduce to our consumer and to the market the production of pallets biofuel, fully manufactured in our factories from our own wood wastes. Nature is our power and we must protect it in every way.